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Bio – Mark Otto, CEO

Short Bio

Mark Otto is the CEO of GrowthMine, a strategic advisor to growth company CEOs and their teams. Mark has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses achieve and sustain profitable growth. He has guided companies through every stage of growth, from new venture to market leader. Mark’s strategic advice helps leaders and companies navigate the personal, strategic, operational, and organizational challenges they face as they grow and scale.

Full Bio

As an executive, entrepreneur, and consultant, Mark Otto has provided management insight to organizations for more than 20 years. He is the founder of GrowthMine, which provides strategic advisory services to growth companies to help them navigate the management challenges they will face as they grow and scale. Differentiated by his experience in building and leading high-growth businesses, Mark has guided companies through every stage of growth from new venture to market leader.

He is the architect of a successful career that spans senior-level executive roles, Fortune 500 and midmarket companies, private firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. In these roles, he was directly responsible for over $4 billion in growth. He has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital, founded three successful companies, structured countless high-profile partnerships, managed numerous mergers and acquisitions, and prepared a company for an IPO. The growth Mark generated resulted in the creation of thousands of jobs and resulted in every growing pain imaginable.

Mark started GrowthMine as a result of his own professional struggles and leadership experiences with companies pushed to the brink by explosive growth. Now, as a consultant, he is focused on issues related to business growth and the challenges faced by leaders of high-growth companies as they seek to expand and scale. Through his work with high-growth CEOs, executives, and their teams, he has developed a deep understanding of the personal, strategic, operational, and organizational challenges growth companies face as they target the next stage of growth.

Mark is a frequently requested keynote speaker to executive groups and business organizations. He developed the Stages of Business Growth and the Growth Problems Index to help companies identify and solve their most pressing growth-related problems. He is the author of several eBooks and white papers, which are required reading on the subject of entrepreneurial leadership and business growth. Mark also shares advice, insights, and inspiration for dealing with the challenges of growing companies on his blog. When he’s not traveling the world working with fast-growing companies, Mark lives in Dallas, Texas.

PDF file of Mark Otto’s Bio is also available: Mark Otto Bio Sheet