Media Kit

GrowthMine Fact Sheet


Established: 2010
Ownership: Private
Industry: Management Consulting
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Markets Served: Fast-Growth Companies
Key Services:
  • Consulting Solutions
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Keynote Speaking
CEO: Mark Otto

Who We Are

GrowthMine is a Growth Consulting Firm that works directly with CEOs and management teams of rapidly growing companies to help them navigate the major management challenges they will face as they grow and scale.

What We Do

Working with GrowthMine gives companies the knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to address the management challenges associated with a company’s growth. We identify organizational issues impacting growth, develop practical solutions to overcome them, and work with the management team to implement those solutions. We often play a variety of roles – as leaders, strategists, mentors, advisors and/or facilitators.

Who We Serve

Our clients are focused on growing their companies. They represent just about every industry and type of organization, but all share the same goal: to take their company to the next level of growth and beyond. GrowthMine clients are facing a unique set of challenges as they navigate the evolutions and revolutions necessary to grow from a mid-sized business into a market leading enterprise.

Focused on Growth Companies

Leading a fast-growing company can seem a lot like traveling through uncharted territory. The right path isn’t always clear. Growth company CEOs need the insight of others who have successfully traveled the same path – and this is where an outsider can help. GrowthMine has guided companies through every stage of growth, from new venture to market leader. Through our work with high-growth CEOs, executives, and their teams, we have developed a deep understanding of the personal, strategic, operational, and organizational challenges growth companies face.

GrowthMine combines experience, a focus on growth company challenges, and a collaborative approach to provide a unique advisory service for leaders of growth companies.

What Outcomes Can You Expect?

Our business model is based on an idea that we think should be obvious – that a consultant should be judged based on the results of the client. We have a proven record of helping CEOs and management teams become more effective leaders, improve the performance of their organizations, and achieve sustained profitable growth.

Our work with leaders of growth companies allows them to: ANTICIPATE and PLAN for how growth will impact their organization; ADAPT their methods and management approach as the company grows; and FOCUS on the right things at the right time.


We create content on to share our knowledge, experience, and leading expertise on business growth and entrepreneurial leadership. Our aim is to offer CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other executives a place to find useful information, advice, insights, and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.

PDF file of the GrowthMine Fact Sheet is also available: GrowthMine Fact Sheet