• Consulting Solutions

    Unlocking a company’s growth potential involves identifying and addressing different issues that don't fit cleanly into one functional area or management discipline. We have consulting solutions in the areas most important to growth and we combine those solutions in customized ways for each company we work with.

  • Leadership and Management Development

    As organizations grow, the need to focus on developing the capabilities of leaders at all levels becomes critical to long-term success. Our leadership and management development programs help meet one of the biggest challenges of rapidly growing organizations: the ongoing need for managerial talent.

  • Executive Coaching

    To stay ahead of the growth curve, leaders need a trusted advisor – a guide – who understands the challenges of running a growing company. We provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to help CEOs, senior executives, and high-potential leaders with the many issues that are critical to leadership effectiveness.

  • Workshops and Seminars

    Leaders of fast-growth companies need skills and tools that will help them keep their companies growing. GrowthMine offers workshops that deliver fresh perspectives and practical solutions to the most pressing challenges of growing companies.

  • Keynote Speaking

    Want a whole lot of impact in a short amount of time? Book a keynote speech by Mark Otto. Mark’s keynotes concentrate on business growth and entrepreneurial leadership. You’ll hear the same thought leadership given to many of the world’s fastest-growing organizations.