Culture Management

Your Goal

Shaping and leveraging the culture to achieve company goals.

The Problem

By design or default, every business has a culture. Though it seems intangible, culture influences almost everything about how an organization works, thinks, and acts. There is a direct link between culture and results. If a company’s culture wants something to happen, it will. If it doesn’t, it won’t. Culture trumps strategy every time.

Culture must change over time to support organizational growth. People must realize that “the way we do things around here” is subject to change, and that other ways can work better. If you don’t do a good job of managing your culture, the culture will do a poor job of managing the organization.

Our Solution

Leaders of growing companies must understand that culture cannot be left to chance. We work with companies to design cultures that support their growth and provide a competitive advantage.

Our approach to managing culture helps companies define and understand their culture and recognize how it influences results. We believe the focus should be on managing the critical few cultural elements that are vital to success, versus becoming distracted by the many that simply don’t drive the business.

GrowthMine gets to the crux of the cultural issues that really matter – far beyond a typical assessment. We make strategic and tactical recommendations for creating the key shifts that need to take place. The major question behind all of our cultural work is, “What are the links between culture and results?”

We have developed a deep understanding of corporate culture, how it works and how to work it. If you are serious about growing your organization, you need to take culture seriously too.

Is your culture supporting or inhibiting your growth?

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