Merger Integration

Your Goal

Successfully managing the merger of two distinct companies into one combined organization.

The Problem

Making the deal is just the beginning. The real job is making the deal work. Approximately seven out of ten mergers fail to live up to their promise. Mergers and acquisitions always make a lot of sense – on paper. But once the papers are signed, success depends on management’s ability to make it work.

A merger always rocks the boat. Your best management talent considers leaving, people are anxious, the competition sees an opportunity to go after your customers, and your culture freezes in the face of the unknown. All of this happens at the exact time when you’re depending on increased levels of teamwork and productivity.

Our Solution

Mergers are a fast-growth strategy and they require fast management. GrowthMine helps companies develop merger integration plans that are ready to implement the moment the deal is announced.

GrowthMine works with you on the two parts of the merger integration equation: project management and people management. Project management addresses the technical side: the structural, operational, and administrative aspects involved in merging two organizations. People management addresses the “soft stuff”: the cultural, political, and personal issues that arise during a merger. Both are important, but it is usually the “soft stuff” that ends up being the hard stuff.

We help organizations in the merger integration process by providing:

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Integration Plan Design. We help you identify the key success drivers of your deal and design an integration plan to ensure quick acceptance of the new organization and its systems, and acceptance of any temporary state of chaos.

Organizational Design. We recommend organizational design solutions that will improve the performance of your combined companies, whether that means a major restructuring or some minor tweaking. We’ll promote unity and accountability between business units and teams, and within important working relationships.

Cultural Integration. We identify and work with you to prevent cultural issues as the new organizations are blended.

Post Merger Assessment. After you have successfully completed the integration, we can perform an assessment to identify further opportunities and prepare the organization for the next level of growth.

Are you considering a merger or acquisition?

To learn more about how we can help you make the deal work, contact us here.