Organizational Structure

Your Goal

Designing the “right” organizational structure for your stage of growth.

The Problem

People aren’t sure who is responsible for what, the right people aren’t in the right places, people don’t know what’s going on in other parts of the company, and the decision-making process is slow. As organizations grow, maintaining the “right” structure is a continuous challenge.

The organizational structure of a firm determines how people are organized and how activities are coordinated. Accordingly, the way an organization is structured can have a significant impact on its overall success or failure.

Our Solution

We work with you to match the appropriate structure with the organization’s stage of growth so that it will:

  • Facilitate and support growth.
  • Strengthen coordination throughout the organization.
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities.
  • Focus people on the critical elements of their jobs.
  • Raise productivity.
  • Reduce the layers of management.
  • Improve decision making.

Structure design is more than lines and boxes on an organization chart; it includes defining roles, responsibilities, and decision-making authority for all positions. The overall purpose of an organizational structure evaluation is to answer a fundamental question:

What type of structure is needed to support the organization’s long-term growth?

Organizational structure helps companies avoid the confusion and chaos that often accompany growth. We know that the essence of an organization – people working together collaboratively – is vital for continuous growth. This is how we help you actively minimize complexity – by avoiding bureaucracy and wasteful action, so that your organization can be successful over the long term.

Does your company have the proper structure?

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