Strategic Planning

Your Goal

A roadmap to sustainable growth.

The Problem

Strategic planning often fails to deliver the promised benefits. Strategies don’t really do what they were supposed to do or happen like they were supposed to happen.

Most strategic plans only focus on competitive strategy, while ignoring the organizational resources, systems, people, and culture necessary to execute the plan. To be effective, strategic plans must provide a link between strategy and organizational capabilities. Regardless of what a company’s leaders want to do, the organization must be capable of doing it.

Our Solution

Strategic planning, while important for all businesses, is of extraordinary importance for growth companies. Growth means constant change, and change demands planning.

We believe that strategic planning must simultaneously deal with strategy and the organizational capabilities or infrastructure necessary for future growth. These things must be tightly coordinated, internally consistent, and interlocking. GrowthMine has developed an approach to strategic planning that addresses not only competitive strategy, but also the organizational resources, systems, structure, management, people, and culture needed to implement the plan. This strategic plan becomes a “roadmap” to sustainable growth.

Sustainable and profitable growth requires an ongoing planning process that will allow you to monitor your progress and make adjustments when performance misses expectations or new opportunities appear.

Using our approach, strategic planning is not only an essential tool for managing an organization; it is also a critical part of the process of transitioning an organization from one stage of growth to the next.

Our approach is effective because:

  • It simplifies a complex process.
  • It integrates every activity in an organization that relates to attaining and sustaining growth.
  • It provides strategic direction that people at all levels can easily absorb.
  • It creates a strategic plan that is adaptable to changing conditions.
  • It closes the gap between strategy and execution.

Our method has been applied and refined in a wide-range of organizations and has driven companies to sustainable growth and long-term success.

Are you ready to develop a roadmap to sustainable growth?

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