The Common Denominators of
High-Growth Companies

The Big Idea

Explosive rates of growth can be achieved by applying the success patterns of the highest-growth companies – turning these insights into actions.


There’s a lot of risk involved in growing a company and you need more than luck to counter the odds.

Based on a career of work with high-growth companies, Mark has identified the common threads in all successful growth companies. He has uncovered a simple truth: high-revenue growth companies follow a success pattern that is predictable, which allows them to achieve exponential growth from millions to billions and beyond.

These common traits of highly effective companies can be used as a set of lessons and guidelines to grow your business. The traits of high-growth companies transcend industries, countries, and cultures. These essential characteristics are the fundamental management practices that propel growth companies ahead.

Mark will debunk the most common misconceptions about growth and you will learn what today’s fastest-growing businesses really do differently than the rest. He’ll explain what doesn’t work even though it’s most often tried, what will work, and the ultimate keys to creating a company that reaches the highest levels of growth.

Mark has distilled years of knowledge about business growth into practical essentials that leaders can use to transform their own business. Whether you are an executive looking to grow your company successfully to the next level or your aim is a billion or more, you will find the lessons of how the highest-growth companies achieve their success worth knowing.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the predictable success pattern that high-growth companies follow to achieve exceptional levels of growth.
  • Discover the management essentials required to fuel explosive levels of growth.
  • Learn the consistent themes found in growth companies from the early days through high-growth.
  • Understand how high-growth companies continue to grow in poor economic conditions.
  • Discover the role customers play in shaping a high-growth company.
  • Learn how companies can achieve high levels of growth in any industry.
  • Understand how high-growth companies fund their growth.

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