Building a Breakthrough Company

Leaders of fast-growth companies know how hard it is to scale a company and keep it growing.

Fast-growing businesses face a completely different set of challenges and opportunities than Fortune 500 firms or start-ups. Does your company have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to make the leap from ordinary to extraordinary levels of growth and success?

Workshop Purpose

Leading a fast-growing company can seem a lot like traveling through uncharted territory. Because of this, most leaders attempt to navigate growth through trial and error. That’s why the vast majority of companies stay small. There’s a lot of risk involved in growing a company and leaders need more than luck to counter the odds.

Leaders need the insight of others who have traveled the same path. The lessons of companies that have successfully made the transition from ordinary to extraordinary can help guide a leader through the pivotal times in his or her company’s growth.

The most successful growth companies develop a set of common capabilities that allow them to address the unique management challenges of moving beyond the entrepreneurial phase of development. From startup to market leader, these strategies and skills can be duplicated by anyone, in any business, in any industry.


Building a Breakthrough Company is an instructor-led workshop that provides proven insights into what a leadership team can actually do to make sure a company has a chance at being one of the rare companies that breaks through to extraordinary levels of growth and success.

With specific action steps and insight from years of experience working with business leaders who’ve taken their companies to extraordinary levels of growth and profitability – Building a Breakthrough Company is full of real-world solutions that can be used by anyone wanting his or her company to join this exclusive group.

The information contained in this workshop can be readily applied to organizations, divisions, groups, or teams that need a tangible action plan to navigate the stages of business growth.


  • Eliminate trial and error from the business growth process.
  • Predict how growth will impact your organization.
  • Adapt your methods and management approach as the company grows.
  • Focus on the right things at the right time.
  • Achieve a meaningful, sustainable competitive advantage over time.
  • Overcome the critical challenges organizations typically face as they grow.


Leadership teams, executives, and business owners

Whenever possible, GrowthMine recommends participants attend as entire teams. Learning increases when teams share a common language and methodology.


1 Day

Do you know exactly what it takes to advance your company to a higher level of growth and success?

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