Leading on the Edge

What makes leading a fast-growth company so difficult is you’re dealing with a series of issues, decisions, and challenges that you have never faced before.

Successful leaders of high-growth companies succeed because their leadership roles and responsibilities evolve as their companies grow.

Unfortunately, many aspiring growth companies have adopted leadership practices that, in hindsight, stand in the way of achieving the culture and results they desire. Are you and your team prepared for the leadership challenges you will face as your company grows?

Workshop Purpose

Growing a business means change. And the continuing change in focus requires that the company and the people who run it to develop new skills, capabilities, and ways of operating, which are often quite different from those skills, capabilities, and ways of operating that made the business successful in the first place.

Leading in a fast-growth company is not about continuing to do things the way they have always been done. It’s about openly questioning and exploring practices and policies – and setting aside those that no longer (and perhaps never did) serve your organization.

How well you adapt to the changing needs of your company as it grows is the difference between success and failure.


Leading on the Edge is an instructor-led workshop that examines the critical leadership issues and challenges that are unique to fast-growth companies.

You’ll identify your leadership strengths and blind spots. You’ll master the nuances and challenges of assembling and managing teams. You’ll develop your own personal style of authentic leadership that enables you to coach others, develop talent, and lead change. You’ll learn how to strengthen your skills in strategic thinking to look beyond the crisis of the moment. The delivery is interactive. The impact is immediate.

Whether you lead an entire company or a group within a company, this workshop gives you the foundation to understand how organizations change as they grow and how the leader’s role must evolve to match those changes.


  • Shatter every dangerous myth about leadership in your organization.
  • Learn the key ways a leader can influence a business.
  • Solve recurring problems.
  • Make high-stakes decisions.
  • Develop buy-in.
  • Accelerate change.
  • Build visions that become reality.


Leadership teams, executives, business owners, managers, and high-potential leaders

Whenever possible, GrowthMine recommends participants attend as entire teams. Learning increases when teams share a common language and methodology.


1 Day

Are you prepared for the leadership challenges you will face as your company grows?

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