Strategic Planning:
Better, Faster, Smarter

Strategic planning, while important for all businesses, is of particular importance for fast-growth companies. Growth means constant change, and change demands planning.

A common thread shared by successful growth companies is that they have a clear vision of where they want to be, an effective strategic plan outlining how they will get there, and the organizational capabilities to make it happen. Is that your organization’s current state?

Workshop Purpose

Strategic planning often fails to deliver the promised results. Strategies don’t really do what they are supposed to do or happen like they are supposed to happen.

Having a strategy in theory is very different than executing it in practice. Despite overwhelming evidence that it won’t work, strategies continue to emphasize the planning side, without the same intelligence and sophistication given to execution.

The most misunderstood part of effective planning is closing the gap between aspirational strategy and your organization’s capabilities to execute it. To be effective, strategic plans must provide a link between strategy and organizational capabilities. Regardless of what a company’s leaders want to do, the organization must be capable of doing it.


Strategic Planning is an instructor-led workshop that addresses not only competitive strategy, but also the organizational resources, systems, structure, management, and culture needed to make it happen.

This combination of strategy and organizational development creates a plan that serves as your “roadmap” to achieve the organization’s goals. You will learn a process that is based on years of experience – not ivory tower theories. Our method has been applied and refined in a wide-range of organizations and has driven companies to phenomenal growth and success.

This workshop covers the entire scope of strategic planning. You’ll understand the core principles and processes that drive effective planning and gain powerful skills you can immediately put to work in your own business.


  • A strategic framework for comprehensive strategic planning.
  • A realistic view of your opportunities and limitations.
  • Close the gap between aspirational strategy and your ability to execute it.
  • Align teams at every level of the organization.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Deliver better results.


Leadership teams, executives, business owners, general managers, business unit managers, and high-potential managers

Whenever possible, GrowthMine recommends participants attend as entire teams. Learning increases when teams share a common language and methodology.


Attend a 1-day session or the full 2-day program, depending on the number of elements chosen and/or your individual or organizational learning goals.

Do you have a plan for building sustainable profitable growth?

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