Suggested Reading


by Daniel Pink

The way we structure organizations almost always assumes that the prospect of greater financial reward is the primary factor in human motivation. That’s a mistake, Dan Pink says in “Drive.” Drawing on four decades of scientific research on human motivation, Pink reveals the gap between what science knows and what business does—and how it affects performance. Pink argues that while the old-fashioned carrot-and-stick approach worked successfully in the 20th century, it’s the “wrong” way to motivate people for today’s challenges. In “Drive,” Pink contends that it’s important for organizations to pay people fairly, but then they must focus on the three elements of true motivation—autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Throughout the book, Pink offers techniques for putting these elements into action to unleash peoples’ inner drive and provides plenty of examples of companies that are taking new approaches to motivation. “Drive” is a great book for helping leaders, at all levels, understand motivation in today’s world.