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Outgrowing People

The Impact of People That Aren’t Growing With the Business (Coming Soon)

Are there key people that are dragging down performance for your entire organization? Too often employees in fast-growing businesses find themselves in way over their heads. One of the toughest issues facing a fast-growth business is that some people, even those who are committed to your business and work hard, won’t have the skills and experience to scale the business.

Changes in structure, management processes, and needed skills require the company to face up to difficult people problems. Leaving people in a role when they aren’t performing creates a ripple effect and begins to impact the performance of the entire organization.

This white paper explores the need for the leader not only to find and recruit the best talent, but also not to be blinded by loyalty when the business outgrows the capabilities of some of its people. While tough people decisions are the most wrenching, emotionally draining, unpleasant decisions any leader ever has to make, they are absolutely critical when folks aren’t growing fast enough to keep up.