• Built to Grow

    A Survival Manual for Growing Companies (Coming Soon)

    Growing a business to scale is difficult and risky. Leading a fast-growing company can seem a lot like traveling through uncharted territory. The right path may not always be clear. You need to know what lies ahead, beyond the horizon. You need the insight of others who have successfully traveled the same path. This eBook details how successful companies actually grow over time and the strategies, skills, and capabilities necessary to anticipate and manage the inherent challenges companies face as they grow and scale.

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  • Growth Problems

    12 Dysfunctions of Fast-Growth Companies (Coming Soon)

    If your business is successful, it will grow itself into problems. It’s nearly impossible to scale and grow a business without experiencing obstacles along the way. Problems inevitably begin to pile up as an organization gets bigger and becomes more complex. This eBook delivers an in-depth look at the 12 most common organizational growth problems, how a company gets them and what to do about them.

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  • Growing With Your Business

    Evolving Your Role as the CEO (Coming Soon)

    Growth is change, evolution, and learning. Nowhere is this more definitive than in how leaders themselves must change and evolve as a business grows. Instead of rehashing a lot of mainstream leadership advice you could pick up from any popular book on leadership, this eBook addresses the specific changes you need to make in your approach to leading, managing, and operating your company to ensure that you are the leader your company needs at every stage of growth.

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