The Stages of Growth

Your growth is a long road. Don’t travel it alone.

The journey from small company to big company looks more or less the same to all who travel through it. As businesses grow, they will experience very similar turning points that force new changes and new challenges upon them. These are the Stages of Growth. How well you deal with each stage is critical and determines whether you continue to grow successfully or not.

All companies pass through four predictable stages as they grow and develop. What forms these stages are similar patterns of needs and issues faced by all growing companies. Each stage of growth changes a company and during each of these stages the way the company operates and is managed has to fundamentally change to reach the next level.

We’ve used these stages to create a unique model that identifies the most important issues, need, and priorities at every pivotal point of a company’s growth. Although your business grows in a way that is unique to your situation, growth itself presents challenges that are common to every business.

The Stages of Growth provide a way of analyzing and managing your company’s growth. The four stages is a simple, intuitive, clear roadmap for identifying and understanding the management challenges associated with growth and for helping companies deal with those challenges in a more effective way.