White Papers

  • Outgrowing People

    The Impact of People That Aren’t Growing With the Business (Coming Soon)

    One of the toughest issues facing a fast-growth business is that some people, even those who are committed to your business and work hard, won’t have the skills and experience to scale with the business. This white paper explores the need for the leader not only to find and recruit the best talent, but also not to be blinded by loyalty when the organization outgrows the capabilities of some of its people.

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  • Accountability

    The Linchpin of Organizational Success (Coming Soon)

    Accountability is the single most powerful, most wanted, yet least understood element of a successful organizational culture. Unfortunately, people in most organizations only talk about accountability when something goes wrong. This white paper stresses that the ability to execute and deliver results is directly tied to the accountability attitudes, practices, and systems that are in place in an organization.

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  • Cultivating Commitment and Performance

    Getting the Most Out of People (Coming Soon)

    One of the most important ways a leader can impact the trajectory of a business is by getting the most out of the company’s people. Yet, most companies fail to develop and utilize the intelligence and creative talents of their people. This report demonstrates how people at all levels of an organization can make a significant difference if they are fully committed and engaged in the business.

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  • The Sovereign Company

    When Leaders Must Let Go (Coming Soon)

    Great companies have the capability to endure beyond any founder, any CEO, and any individual leader and still achieve exceptional performance and unique impact. Unfortunately, most companies never achieve their potential because they can’t grow beyond the skills and abilities of its leader. This report builds the case for why a growing company must learn to operate independently from any leader.

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