Organizational Assessment

Your Goal

An objective evaluation of what is really happening in your organization.

The Problem

How can an organization identify its relative strengths and weaknesses? How do you sift through the “symptoms” to determine the real management and organizational issues that need to be resolved to keep you moving forward?

Companies need a way to openly confront the facts and objectively evaluate their situation. They need a way to cut through the noise and understand what is actually happening in their business and what must be done to successfully reach the next stage of growth.

Our Solution

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. But, being honest about where your organization is can be difficult. Our organizational assessment is a systematic way of exposing reality in your company and deciding what to do about it. It serves as the important first step toward understanding where your organization currently is, how it got there, and what needs to be done to move it to the next level of growth.

The assessment determines an organization’s current state by identifying its strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs in areas critical to performance. The results provide a clear picture of the key strategic, operational, and organizational issues a business is facing.

A GrowthMine organizational assessment helps pinpoint key performance issues, and their causes, so the organization can focus its efforts on solving the right things. It provides an evaluation of how severe the problems are and a complete plan of action for addressing these problems and preparing the organization for future growth.

Are you ready to know the key management and organizational issues you face?

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