Executive Coaching
Better Leaders. Better Companies.

It’s not possible to lead any part of a growing organization if you’re not continuing to grow and develop as a leader. The simple truth is that there is no more difficult job in business than that of a leader in a fast-growing company.

To stay ahead of the growth curve, leaders need a trusted advisor – a guide – who understands the challenges of running a growing organization. We provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to help CEOs, senior executives, and high-potential leaders with the many issues that are critical to leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.

Executive coaching isn’t about fixing problems; it’s about helping successful leaders become more successful. We have the experience and expertise to understand a leader’s situation, provide objective feedback, and bring credible, fresh perspectives to the table.

GrowthMine has a fundamental respect for executive leaders and the demands they face. Typically, executives who have scaled quickly are dealing with intense business and relationship pressures. Therefore, our focus is on supporting individual leaders as they work to transform themselves to meet the challenges of bigger, more complex jobs.

We Play a Variety of Roles

Beyond the role of coach or mentor, most of the leaders we work with view us as their most trusted advisor. This means that at different times we may also play the role of sounding board, strategist, tactician, cheerleader, negotiator, lobbyist, crisis manager, diplomat, facilitator, influencer, and a variety of other roles as needed. Bottom line – we are fiercely committed to helping our clients reach their goals and get the results they desire.

We’re at Your Level

We have been successful leaders with a history of accomplishments and accountability at C, E, and S levels. Our executive coaching is based on an idea that we think should be obvious: We have no right to advise and counsel leaders on anything about their jobs unless we’ve been successful in the job ourselves.

There’s Nothing Theoretical About It

In a coaching program with GrowthMine, you won’t be talking leadership theory. You’ll be working in real time on the real issues you currently face. The opportunities for maximum impact in a coaching relationship appear right on an executive’s calendar.

Executive Coaching Produces Results:

  • Identify and address issues critical to success.
  • Provide the impetus for action or change.
  • Heighten self-awareness of strengths and limitations.
  • Increased strategic focus.
  • Faster achievement of organizational and personal goals.
  • Challenge, stretch, and develop critical thinking and leadership ability.
  • Improved personal productivity.
  • Enhanced competencies such as decision making and problem solving.
  • Better working relationships with direct reports, peers, and superiors.
  • Greater personal, team, and organizational performance.

Do you have a trusted advisor that understands the leadership challenges you are facing?

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