Keynote Speaking

Want a whole lot of impact in a short amount of time? Book a keynote speech by Mark Otto. Mark is one of the world’s leading experts on entrepreneurial leadership and business growth. His track record of creating success in companies was developed well before he ever got on a stage to talk about it.

You’ll hear the same thought leadership given to many of the world’s best organizations. And you’ll hear it in a way that is thought provoking and encourages your audience to take immediate action.

Mark is the consultant of choice to many of today’s most innovative, demanding and fast-growing companies. His commitment to delivering results is the same, whether it’s a consulting solution or a keynote speech. Mark’s speeches are fast-paced with a continuous combination of information and entertainment. Regardless of the size of audience, he establishes a strong connection with people through his honest, open and straightforward style.

While Mark’s keynotes concentrate on business growth and entrepreneurial leadership, he never presents a “canned” speech. Every presentation is tailored to meet the unique needs of your group to ensure that the right message is delivered. Take a look at the topics below and find what your organization needs to hear today to unlock its growth potential.

  • From Small to Big: The Roadmap

    Being the leader of a fast-growing company can seem a lot like traveling through uncharted territory. The best and fastest path may not be clear. You need to know what lies ahead, beyond the horizon. Fortunately there’s a set of clearly identifiable strategies and capabilities that successful growth companies use to navigate the path to sustained growth and profitability.

  • Growth Problems: Getting a Business Through Its Awkward Stages

    Successful companies experience growth, and any company that experiences growth inevitably experiences obstacles along the way. Organizational problems are often a leader’s first indication that changes are needed in the business. How well you understand and effectively manage the causes of your growth problems determines if your company continues to be successful or stumbles…or worse.

  • Leading at the Speed of Growth

    Are you prepared for the leadership challenges you will face as your company grows? Fast-growing businesses face a completely different set of challenges and opportunities than Fortune 500 firms or start-ups. Growth requires that a company undergo continuous and unyielding change. Successful leaders of growth companies succeed because they are able to adapt to the changing needs of their companies.

  • The Common Denominators of High-Growth Companies

    It’s an unpleasant truth that most companies that attempt to pursue growth will fail. Because numerous factors can influence business growth, it’s no surprise that we become overwhelmed by the complexities of trying to grow a business. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is, in fact, a pattern of success that winning companies follow to produce the highest levels of revenue growth.

  • Getting the Most Out of People

    One of the most important ways a leader can impact the trajectory of a business is by getting the most out of the organization’s people. Successful growth companies cultivate exceptional levels of commitment and performance. And they develop and nurture environments where ordinary people can do extraordinary things. All companies, especially fast-growing ones, won’t be able to keep up if they don’t.