Leadership and Management Development
This is Not the Soft Stuff. This is the Stuff of Serious Results.

Your Goal

To develop the leadership and managerial talent needed to grow your business.

The Problem

As the management team goes, so goes the rest of the company. Growth puts an enormous strain on leaders at all levels of the organization. As companies grow and make transitions from one stage of growth to the next, they need managers with progressively higher levels of leadership and management skills.

But growing companies rarely slow down long enough to allow new manager competencies to develop. Unfortunately, the most advanced technology, the most thoughtful strategy, and the best tactical execution can be totally overshadowed by poor leadership and management.

Our Solution

Growing a business requires growing leaders. Leadership and management development helps meet one of the biggest challenges of rapidly growing organizations: the ongoing need for managerial talent.

As organizations grow, the need to focus on developing the business and leadership competencies of leaders at all levels becomes critical to long-term success. Our customized leadership development programs help you identify and build critical skills in your team that support your strategy and improve the effectiveness of your organization.


The ultimate chokehold on a business is the psychology and skill sets of the leaders of the business. As a business grows, leaders must master their psychology and make sure they acquire the skills they are missing. If you can command those two parts of the leadership equation, you can change your business. GrowthMine’s approach to leadership development focuses not only on developing skills, but also on the leader’s psychology. We believe that gaining needed skills, changing behavior, and improving overall results are the success criteria of any leadership development program.

We don’t use one-size-fits-all solutions. What an individual leader needs to become more effective depends on the strengths and weaknesses of that leader. For that reason, the content of our leadership development programs are designed based on the current skills and abilities of the managers participating.


GrowthMine translates theoretical concepts into practical applications that transfer competency to every manager in an organization. Our leadership development programs are designed to reflect a full understanding of the strategic issues, business realities, and environment in which a company operates.

We believe the best leadership development is inseparable from the organization’s strategy, culture, and environment. We know from experience that everything about the design, development, and delivery of successful learning depends on individual situations. We work with organizations to create programs that will meet the needs of managers at every stage of development, from those who have never supervised people or who have never received any formal training, to those with formal training and years of managerial experience.


GrowthMine talks to managers like managers talk to themselves. Our leadership and management development programs are designed to connect on both intellectual and emotional levels. While our programs are linked directly to business results, we present new skills and behaviors as individual benefits. In this way, managers can rationalize spending time improving themselves, knowing they’re also improving the business.

We design programs so that individuals learn new concepts, apply them in real-world situations, solve real business problems, and then discuss their progress. Learning in this way reinforces concepts and holds people accountable for applying them. This “learning by doing” approach adds new skills and creates noticeable changes in behavior, which is the main purpose of leadership and management development.

The Skills to Succeed

GrowthMine offers a leadership development series that spans the full spectrum of skills your people need to succeed. Topics include areas such as: leadership, strategic thinking, delegation, coaching, planning, performance management, employee relations, effective communications, team building, and more.

These programs are available as an integrated series or as stand-alone sessions. And all of our facilitators have been successful managers at the level they’re working with or above.

Leadership Development Delivers Results:

  • Creates and strengthens a culture of leadership.
  • Builds a robust pipeline of future leaders.
  • Develops individual competencies and knowledge of key business areas.
  • Creates a common leadership language and a shared “toolkit” of essential managerial skills.
  • Improves knowledge sharing and alignment throughout the organization.
  • Supports a “succession planning” process.
  • Strengthens problem solving and improves decision making.
  • Improves retention of high-potential talent.

With leadership and management development programs from GrowthMine, you’ll strengthen your organization’s performance today and create the leadership bench strength you need for long-term success.

Do you have the leadership and management talent to grow your company?

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